Knit on Knit

Photos by Vincent Lima
Gap sweater ; F21 knitted skirt ; Promod boots

Thought of wearing a "knit on knit" outfit so I paired these two together and because I don't know if it's going to be a hot or a cold day, to be safe, I wore boots and skirt. What I like about this outfit is the sweater. The color just stands out! This is one of my fave sweaters from my closet.


Style My Day #13

Photos by Kim Chiew
H&M polo; Promod skirt

This is what I wore to a lunch date earlier with some of my friends. I wanted to wear something pastel-y so I paired these 2 colors. If you're wondering why I wore a polo on a very hot day, the type of cloth of this polo is not the "crisped" type of cloth. It's super breezy and comfortable to wear.



photo 3 photo 2 photo 4 photo 1

Photos by Mi-anne Maceda
Ralph Lauren polo shirt; Stradivarius heels; Mango cropped pants

Wore this outfit during a Sunday and since Sunday is a rest day, I decided to wear something simple. But instead of wearing a pair of flats, I decided to wear a pair of pointed heels, which I'm currently obsessing on. I love suede and pointed heels and I pair it with jeans or cropped/ankle length pants. Again, it goes for that everyday look. I can see that in each of my blog post there's either an A.) Casual look, B.) Everyday look, or C.) Laid back look term that I use. Haha! Well, that's what I'm aiming for anyway :)

Sorry for the quality of the photos. We shot this at around 5PM so the light was quite bad already.



Photos by Vincent Lima
Promod one-piece ; Thrifted boots ; Target cap

From the moment I saw this, I immediately bought it! I really love the details of the skirt, and it's not that obvious that this is a one-piece dress. Paired it with my studded boots and cap to give that kind of laid back look and you guys already know how much I love the "laid-back" or the "off-duty" style. Another thing I love from this one-piece is the color, it's super easy to pair anything with black&white.


Style My Day #12


Photos by Kim Chiew
Promod top ; H&M boyfriend jeans ; Gifted necklace

I'm back! Kinda...

I have to admit, I missed blogging. I missed taking pictures, writing a post, thinking of what to post, and etc. Though I still won't be updating it everyday, I will try my best not to be lazy and to continue on posting some stuff here. You know what they say, when you start something, you got to finish it! Or at least continue to do it... Haha!

If you're following me on Instagram, you can see how over-used my boyfriend jeans are. I wear them whenever I'm too lazy to dress up because it's really comfortable and you can pair it with anything! As for my accessories I decided to wear a bright colored necklace to kind of pop out from my outfit.


Style My Day #11

And yet again another Sunday outfit! Wore this with a cardigan earlier but because of the intense heat, I took it off. And I'm thinking of getting some bangs again (wut wut!).

Sleeveless top: Gifted; Pants: Promod; Shoes: Payless

Photos by my brother

John 3:16


Style My Day #10

As you can see, it's my first time to tie my hair up in a bun style. My hair, in most of my pictures, is all over the place. Me and my sister actually had a hard time tying my hair up, as in we were both starting to sweat... Hahaha! Here's another casual outfit post. Hope you like it! :)

Loose polo: Mango ; Shoes: Payless

Photos by my brother

John 3:16